Lewis - Manning Hospice Conference hailed a resounding success

Lewis-Manning Hospice’s 7th annual conference ‘The End of Life, Death into Dying’, which took place at Goldsands Stadium, Bournemouth on Thursday, was hailed a resounding success by attendees who came from across Dorset and Hampshire.

Sponsored by Chester Pearce Associates Funeral and Bereavement Service, the conference focused on those who care for patients in care homes, hospitals and hospices. The event featured a number of distinguished guest speakers including top US disaster psychologist Dr Grady Bray, who flew in from America to deliver a talk on ‘Hospice Strain’.

Dr Bray has an international reputation as a lecturer, author, disaster survivor and emergency response authority, with extensive experience in family assistance, having been a responder and leader for numerous disasters including the Oklahoma City bombing, multiple air disasters, the attacks of 9/11, earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes.

His talk at the conference, ‘Hospice Strain: The Trauma That Does Not Bleed’, looked at the everyday challenges faced by those who care for the dying in a hospice environment, in particular the physical, mental and emotional difficulties and their signs and symptoms.

Nikki Hastings, the youngest patient currently attending the hospice, spoke passionately about her experiences of living with terminal cancer. Her talk set the tone of the day by sharing realities of life for people with life limiting illnesses and their families. Conference Chairman, Mr Robert Talbot, Medical Director at Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust introduced other speakers including Glennys Howarth, Professor of Health and Social Sciences at Plymouth University, Professor Tony Water, Director of the Centre for Death and Society at University of Bath, Canon Jane Lloyd, Chaplain at Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, and Raina Summerson, CEO of the Agincare Group.

The day’s programme of talks and presentations had a particular emphasis on those who work as professional care providers. The conference asked who, in turn, cares for the carers, highlighting the difficulties that they face every day in caring for patients and how they can make strategic considerations to integrate awareness and planning for death into their end of life care.

Stephen Nimmo, Managing Director of Chester Pearce Associates, gave a presentation outlining the ‘CHOICES’ programme, which aims to empower those facing life-limiting illnesses. He said:
“We have the pleasure of sponsoring this conference each year, and each year it gets better and better. To provide such a distinguished panel of speakers made the day so rich in content and I believe every delegate will have gained a considerable amount from attending. With Lewis – Manning, we have a window of opportunity to change the way we approach death and dying. To ensure every patient, every care giver, every family receive the highest standard of support both within the hospice or care home and when death occurs.

It is a privilege to be working with them, and to give support to those who are facing life limiting illness.”

Elizabeth Purcell, Chief Executive at Lewis-Manning Hospice added , “So delighted that the 7th annual End of Life conference was such a success. It is clear that there is a real need for some undiluted time to consider the challenges and sensitivities in delivering high quality hospice care.”

Lewis-Manning Hospice is a charity based in Poole which provides free palliative care to over 650 people a year with cancer and life-limiting illnesses.

If you would like to receive updates about the 2013 conference please email enquiries@lewis-manning.co.uk or visit www.lewis-manning.co.uk