About our Voluntary Care & Planning Service

"As long as I look death in the eye and as long as I accept that I can choose the death that I seek and the death that I choose, I have some freedom. I have power, I have some possibility to shape for myself, my own death and at that moment, I have a kind of freedom."           Lord Philip Gould (2011)

The CHOICES programme was borne out of the 6th Annual Conference for Lewis – Manning Hospice, “Death into Dying”. Delgates comprising of professionals from a number of different sectors of care concluded that with greater joined up thinking, we can bring greater comfort to those facing the end of their lives, their families, and those caring for them. The integration of bereavement care, and a normalising of that care would be a positive addition to hospices, hospitals, care homes, and those in their own homes.

The CHOICES programme is available to hospitals and hospices, care homes, nursing homes, and to those dying in their own homes.

The CHOICES team is made up of professional bereavement specialists who work with those in end of life stages, wishing to discuss some, or all aspects of their death, and beyond. This could include where they wish to die, how they want that process managed, and what sort of funeral they would like. It might also include making final amendments to wills, or dealing with other elements of their finances. By allowing a dying patient to openly discuss these issues, we empower them, allow them to feel in control, and do something very positive, in the face of everything that seems negative. And perhaps most important of all, great comfort and peace of mind can be brought to a dying person, knowing they have taken care of their affairs.

The CHOICES programme is a FREE service to all.

  • The opportunity to make end of life choices should not be based on an ability to pay
  • Complete Continuity of Care
  • We will be where you are, when you are, and for as long as you are
  • Professional Bereavement Specialists with many years experience
  • All staff work on a voluntary basis. Bereavement Specialists are 'facilitators' giving complete freedom of choice
  • Supporting patients, their families and those looking after them