"I knew I needed someone to talk to from a very early stage, and the knowledge that I could talk to someone who was closely involved with arranging the funeral was very comforting. Just the opportunity to understand that what I was experiencing was normal and that it was OK to feel that way made a huge difference."

Chester Pearce Associates is proud to offer Cruse trained counsellors to assist the bereaved in coming to terms with their loss.

Nothing prepares a person for coping with the awful reality of a bereavement, whether the loss is expected or not. At Chester Pearce Associates, we hold this philosophy:

  1. That grieving should be measured in years, not days, weeks or months.
  2. People need space and time to grieve. Each bereavement is an intimate and very separate journey, you cannot pigeonhole grief.
  3. People need to be made aware that grief, mourning and bereavement are not the same thing.
  4. People need to be aware that bereavement is a journey. There are no rules, and no time span.
  5. People need to be aware that bereavement is a normal reaction to loss, and that there is nothing wrong with that.

Chester Pearce Associates cannot wave a magic wand and bring back the person who has died, but we can undoubtedly help with the very intimate journey of bereavement, a journey that does not have to be taken alone.