Funeral Services

"They made me feel like I was talking to an old friend, not a complete stranger".

Arranging a funeral is an acutely personal journey for those involved. There always seems to be a great deal to achieve in a short space of time, while dealing with the many emotions which couple themselves to the loss of a loved one.

A funeral is a reflection of a person who has died, and a reflection of those who are left behind. There are no right and wrong answers, no boundaries preset by the funeral service, but instead, a blank canvas onto which ideas are written, and wishes expressed. Nothing is set in stone, except the goal of achieving a funeral service fitting of the dead, and thus, of great comfort to the living.

As funeral directors, it is our responsibility to facilitate the needs of the families we serve. We are only restricted by our imaginations, and the Chester Pearce funeral directors have vast experience in bringing these imaginings to reality. They strive to achieve not only the highest standards of care, but the many and varied elements to each funeral in which they are involved.

From fundamental choices of burial or cremation, venues, types and colour of cars and the material the coffin is made from, to the more intricate details of flowers, order of service, music and content, the Chester Pearce funeral director brings professionalism coupled with compassion, empathy and respect.


We believe that every funeral is unique, just as every person is unique. We therefore provide each family with costs which are relevant to the service that they require. However, we appreciate the need to have a sense of what a funeral will cost when faced with making arrangements for a loved one. 

Our total funeral cost starts from £2699.00 including the required disbursements. The necessary disbursements which are paid on your behalf are additional to this. Disbursements are for services such as the crematorium or burial ground, doctors paperwork (where applicable) and minister/celebrant's fees etc. We will be happy to advise you of all relevant costs in the form of a quotation without obligation.