Personalised Funeral Planning

Young or old, everything, a reflection of you.

As a nation, we aren't good at talking about death and dying, which, ironically is the one thing we all have in common. Planning and paying for a funeral in advance has become more popular in the last ten years, especially among those who wish to take away the burden of funeral costs in the future, and those who want to reduce the stress on their loved ones when the time comes.

At Chester Pearce, we offer a service not focused on paying for the funeral in advance, although we are very happy to arrange this, but more focused on ensuring that personal wishes and details are recorded for future reference. We have no structured forms which give tick boxes and options, but instead use the same approach as when a person has died. A blank canvas onto which wishes can be placed.

Unlike some of the larger funeral plan providers, we insist on a member of our funeral staff spending time discussing the many options available to you, and then providing a detailed breakdown of individual wishes. If at this stage you should wish to make payment to cover these wishes to avoid future costs, then we will be only too pleased to assist. If on the other hand you wish to simply lodge this information for when the time comes, we are equally happy to oblige. All information is treated in the strictest confidence and will only be released once death has occurred.

There are a number of advantages to purchasing a funeral plan;

  • Fixing funeral costs for the future, irrespective of the market
  • An opportunity to provide peace of mind to family when the time comes, and remove the financial burden of a funeral
  • In the case of people in care homes, funds are used to pre purchase funeral plans, and thus reduce the overall amount held in the individuals' funds. Often the amount paid out for the plan brings the amount held under the threshold for assistance from outside authorities.

There are equally advantages to pre planning with Chester Pearce Associates;

  • We will guarantee the future value of the plan to provide complete piece of mind for our client.
  • We will always place a highly trained funeral director with a client when making the arrangements. Too many corporate plan providers do not provide proper funeral advice, thus making the plan a financial transaction, and this is not what it should be.
  • Our "blank canvas" approach to funeral arrangements also carries through to pre planning. There are no fixed package plans. Every plan is provided specifically for the individual to ensure that wishes are fully carried out.

Unlike many private funeral companies, we are able to honour our plans, even if the holder moves to another part of the country. There will be no need to arrange to transfer the plan, and you can continue liaising with us, rather than having to get to know another company in your new area.