About our Funeral Plans

We have three prepaid funeral plans: the simple ‘Sonata Plan’, the traditional ‘Concerto Plan’ and our bespoke Symphony Plan’. Most importantly, you can be assured that no matter which plan you choose, you will always be provided with the highest standard of caring, professional service.

No matter what your needs and wishes are, you will always be provided with the highest standards of caring, professional service.

Each one of our prepayment plans has been created to help you to arrange a unique, personal funeral service in advance. Our flexible and understanding approach means that you can dispense with any part of the services that are not required and add services that you wish.

What makes our prepaid funeral plans unique?

We are proud to be able to provide prepaid funeral plans that are fully guaranteed.

Most prepaid funeral plans guarantee the cost of the funeral director’s services, but they will not guarantee the cost of the disbursements (the fees payable for services not provided by the funeral director, such as the cremation or burial fees).

This means that when the funeral service is required there is often a shortfall, leaving the family to pay for any fees not covered by the plan. In some cases the shortfall may amount to hundreds of pounds and the provider may not make you aware of this at the time when you arrange the plan.

We understand that most people do not want to leave anything for their family to pay. You can be assured that whichever one of our three plans you choose, once the plan is fully paid there will be nothing more for your family to pay when the time comes, unless they wish to change or add services to the prepayment plan.